Wedding Photography, About The Couple Looking Best Together

Wedding photography, it is all about making the bride and the groom look their best together. This is not a simple area that can come easy. There are many trying different tricks with textures, Photoshop actions, setting up lights and so on to meet the differences of their work inability. This is an area that needs lot of practice and essential know-how to get it right in the camera.

Posing a couple is about seeing natural moments and expressions such that it looks visually good and also provides the spark making it feel natural. If the couple is merely posing on hearing the word 'Pose' leads to forced shots. Here are few steps:

Consider the shape created by the couple

This is an interesting outline for the couple, in fact, the more interesting shot. Merely standing as though both are stuck together is a boring shot. Instead, let it be an uneven height with groom stepping up, hands on the waist of his bride, knees bent, her hand on his shoulder, faces separate and the bouquet positioning all together make a dynamic pose.

Arms should be away from the body

Arms should not lie flat; instead it should be bent and away from the body. This makes a more interesting photo, also makes the person appear thinner and is a good thing. The grooms can have their hands in the pockets, but with the bride, it is good to hold or touch her hands as it offers a connected sense. Even if the groom has his hands inside a pocket, ensure his thumb is outside the pocket. Instead, ask him to hook his hand on the belt. In this way, the engagement sparkly ring as well as the wedding band can be seen. Even positioning the hands on hips or waist at times seems appropriate as it bends the arm and appears a casual pose.

Work on the bouquet

Give the flowers to the groom. Instead of the groom trying to keep himself busy by stuffing his hands into the belt or the pockets, he can hold the bouquet. The bride already has her dress to keep her hands full. For a portrait, the bride can place her wrist on the grooms shoulder and allow the bouquet to be over his back and in this way the in between spot from the two of them is taken away.

All again, there is no need for the groom to match the height of the bride by slouching. He also need not lean towards her. Instead he can give his straight, clean lines to make a powerful shot.

An important note

Knowing what does not work is an important note. Do not force any type of pose. The truth cannot be denied that the pose that looks good on one client may necessarily not work for another. It is necessary to be sensitive before pulling off a shot. Thus encouraging the groom to have fun and the bride to be cheerful is fun and natural ensuring interesting poses.